HP DV7 Laptop - CRASH and BURN

Update: - 11/4/2010 - Have had my DV7 back at home now for about a week or so and I must say that HP fixed it up right. It seems to be running smooth and actually cooler than before.

Either it was a bad motherboard or they clocked my CPU's back to run a tad bit slowwer ( I'll have to check that out ).
But HP fixed my computer and did not - I REPEAT did not wipe my drive clean, so all my data programming software was still installed. YEAH - Thanks HP for a JOB WELL DONE.

End Update: - 11/4/2010 -

Well I received my HP Hardware kit to add my 2nd hard drive to my laptop. But before I could even think about doing anything, something goes amiss. My Laptop Dies! - nope its not a Hard drive problem - I know this because while in te BIOS running a system DIAG the screen starts to flake out and shows checkards all over and the freezes, so its wither the motherboard or the ATI graphics card. UG - let me know if anyone else has a problem with a HP DV7.

Just to note a few other things that happened:

1) while in windows 7 the computer would start rebooting after only a minute or so, somtime 10 to 15 min. No it was not overheating because I had a fan blowing directly on it!

2) sometimes when I opened my laptop from sleep mode ( all hybernations was turned off ) the computer would start but the screen would remain black. In order to get it back I would have to hold the power button down and hard boot the computer.

So HP sent me a Prepaid box and Hopefully will be having this puppy back in my hands ASAP Wish me luck.. ( Good Luck Larry )



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